• Building Awareness of API Specifications

About The API Specification Toolbox

About The API Specification Toolbox

This is a project to help map out the API specificaton landscape, and drive more awareness around how specifications can be used. The project is being established and grown by Postman and API Evangelist, but is intendeded to be a community project that any API provider, service provider, tooling owner, or developer can use to understand what is happening when it comes to how API specifications are being used. This entire project runs on Github to drive community participation, while keeping everything as observable as possible.

This API Specification Toolbox, which is running 100% on GitHub, is the result of several months of discussion around what is needed to build more awareness of API specifications as well as fuelling further discussions and transparency on the state of play regarding API specifications. If there is a specification, news story, service, tooling, extensions, video, or blog post you'd like to see here, feel free to submit a pull request on the GitHub repository behind this site. If you aren't comfortable submitting a PR, feel free to also submit a GitHub issue with any feedback about the project or anything published here. We look forward to working with you helping define the API specification landscape.

API Specification Toolbox Open Office Hours

8:00 AM Pacific Time - We gather for 30-60 minutes every Friday to discuss anything that the community has worked on, and the growing number of projects that have evolved from ongoing discussions. Everyone is welcome to come and listen in and join in on discussion around API specifications.